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Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions

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Tape in extensions are quick and easy to apply which explains why they are so popular. With proper application and maintenance, tape-in hair extensions can last on average six weeks. Yes they can be taken off and reused.The sticky part of the tape is covered by a paper tab that is easily peeled away when you are ready to use them, the sticky tab can be removed and re-taped with each use making this method not only super quick and easy but cost effective too. The adhesive used on tape extensions is a gentle medical glue the same as what is used in plasters and other medical forms. We highly recommend a trained professional to install, remove and color your tape in extensions. 

Things you should know

  • 50 grams/20 pcs pieces per pack
  • Recommend 50 -100 grams for a half of head
  • Recommend 100 – 150 grams for a full head


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