Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the virgin hair last?


How much does the hair weigh?

3.5- 4 ounces per bundle

How many ounces are recommended for a half / full head?

We recommend 4-8 oz for a half head and 8-12 oz for a full head.

How many bundles will I need?

  • We recommend:
  • 2 bundles for 12-16”
  • 3 bundles for 18-24”
  • 4 bundles for 26-32”

Are wefts sealed?

No, wefts must be sealed prior to usage; this extends the longevity of extensions.

What do I use to seal the wefts on the extensions?

Aleene’s or Fray Check adhesives are recommended for sealing wefts. These products can be purchased at any fabric store.

Do I need to co wash/ condition / deep condition the virgin hair?

Yes, please refer to the Hair Care on this website.

How long does it take to ship?

Please refer to Return/ Shipping on this website.

What to use on extensions to protect it from heat?

Use a heat protectant spray, oil, or serum before applying heat. Apply a dime size amount throughout entire head.